About Mork Productions

Mork Productions is a video marketing company located in Indianapolis.  Our goal is to help companies reach out to their target market in a way that sees results.  Oftentimes, video marketing can be boring and forgettable.  By focusing on the purpose of the video and the interests of the potential client, we produce video that keeps their attention.

We want to make your story come alive!

Mork Productions can create digital media content such as photography, video and animation production that will bring your brand to life.

Collaboration is a key step in our process to effectively communicate your brand message and to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Companies We Work With

Some of our notable clients can be found right here in Indianapolis:

About Andrew Mork

Initially from Madison, Wisconsin, Andy found his way to Central Indiana to follow a career path that has been a passionate component of his life for so long. Despite getting his start as a music major, percussion, at the University of Wisconsin – Stevenspoint, Andy found his niche after purchasing a camera when he joined Cru, an international non-profit. His personal life was taken over by his new passion for creating videos, and studying to learn everything he possibly could.

On staff with Cru, Andy travelled all over the world with the organization while producing video for conferences, and teaching public figures on using effective communication skills during presentations. With a background initially in performance arts, Andy knew how to focus an audience and create an engaging atmosphere to deliver any message using video. He has been applying this attitude to an array of clients throughout his career with great success.

About Nathan Fields

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Nathan spent his childhood fascinated with nature and early on found a passion for photography. Nathan loved being able to capture the beauty in front of him while creatively finding new ways to heighten the scenery in front of him. He went to college at Dakota State University in South Dakota and pursued a degree in audio production, where he quickly learned that technology and creativity could work hand in hand. After spending 5 years in the audio world, Nathan decided to pursue video production as a career since it combines elements of all the things he loves into one amazing profession.

When the opportunity came to relocate to Indianapolis, Nathan jumped at the chance to take on the new and exciting opportunity at Mork Productions. He has quickly found his work home and spends his days doing what he is passionate about – creating quality videos that captivate audiences