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Mork Productions is a video production and editing company specializing in short-form video content. Based in Indianapolis, we help organizations across the Midwest and the nation to communicate more effectively with their target audiences through engaging, highly creative video assets.

Our Video Production Process

What makes an effective, engaging video? It’s not the gear you use — it’s the vision. Rather than focus on the “how” of shooting and editing videos for corporate and nonprofit clients, here at Mork Productions we entrench ourselves in the much more important “why.” 

Why should customers buy your new product? Why should prospective clients choose you over your competitors? Why will joining your company be the best career move a jobseeker could take?

The “why” of your video is at the heart of our video production process, and is the key to engaging and eventually converting your target audiences. That’s why Mork Productions is a trusted partner for video production around Indianapolis, the Midwest and the nation at large.

Managing a Marketing Budget Can Be A Challenge

We get it. You have big hopes and dreams for your marketing deliverables this year, but only so many dollars and cents available to bring them to life. Video is one of the most in-demand parts of a healthy content calendar, but price tag worries mean it’s often one of the least executed parts, too.

Whether you’re looking for an ongoing partner for video production or executing a one-off project, you’ll find a collaborative partner at Mork Productions. We build a relationship based on your vision, timeline and budget to make video a regular part of your content calendar.

If putting out more frequent videos without sacrificing quality or budget sounds like a goal for your organization in the coming year, we’re here to help.

Our Video Production & Editing Team

Andrew Mork

Initially from Madison, Wisconsin, Andy found his way to Central Indiana for his first job out of college. With a background in music performance, Andy spent the first seven years of his career jetsetting around the world to perform at various non-profit conferences and outreaches. While traveling, he found a new passion through photography, which eventually morphed into videography. Using his experience with engaging large audiences with music, he pivoted towards creating video content for marketing and communications.

With some help from a business-savvy friend, Andy launched Mork Productions in 2017 with the goal of helping companies and organizations put their best foot forward to their target audience. He has a passion for seeking out stories and passions, and finding creative ways to capture them on camera.

Nathan Fields

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Nathan spent his childhood fascinated with nature and early on found a passion for photography. Nathan loved being able to capture the beauty in front of him while creatively finding new ways to heighten the scenery in front of him. He went to college at Dakota State University in South Dakota and pursued a degree in audio production, where he quickly learned that technology and creativity could work hand in hand. After spending 5 years in the audio world, Nathan decided to pursue video production as a career since it combines elements of all the things he loves into one amazing profession.

When the opportunity came to relocate to Indianapolis, Nathan jumped at the chance to take on the new and exciting opportunity at Mork Productions. He has quickly found his work home and spends his days doing what he is passionate about – creating quality videos that captivate audiences

Megan Yellow Boy

After leaving her home on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota for college, Megan spent the next ten years on the opposite side of the state collecting hobbies like roller derby, knitting, tabletop RPGs, baking, and vintage mopeds. While putting her degree in production animation to use in the advertising world, she enjoyed finding creative ways to incorporate motion graphics into her work. She also began to branch out and gain experience with video editing and audio production.

Always ready for a new adventure and excited about the prospect of new opportunities, Megan packed up and moved to Indiana to join Mork Productions and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to create videos that represent the character of businesses in an interesting and authentic way.

Nay Lin

Nay discovered his love for photography and videography at an early age when he stumbled upon his uncles in Malaysia editing videos, which sparked his fascination for it. Nay is a Myanmar native who fled to Malaysia seeking refuge, then immigrated to the United States for a better life and opportunities. He arrived in Kansas City where he was able to get hands-on experience with new technologies.

Nay then moved to Indianapolis to pursue his passion in photography and videography. He began freelancing as a videographer, shooting weddings and music videos. Eager to learn more, Nay interned with Mork Productions in 2022, which led to a staff position.

Companies We’ve Worked With

Mork Productions has served notable clients across Indianapolis, the Midwest and nationwide. While we have a breadth of experience in sectors such as healthcare, construction and government, we’re always seeking creative opportunities with clients across any industry.

More Video Production Services

Don’t see the type of video service you’re looking for? Not to worry — this page is only a sample of what Mork Productions can do. Drop us a quick message about your video project, and we’ll get in touch to discuss how we might help it become a reality.
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