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How to make sure your video isn’t suppressed on social media

Jun 23rd, 2020 • andy@morkproductions.com

Having trouble with getting views on your videos that you post for business?  It might not be because your video isn’t engaging, but rather because of how you posted it.  Many times, business owners will have a video recorded, upload it to YouTube, and then just post that link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  This is not effective.  Each one of these websites wants you to stay on their content, and by linking people away from their website to a different hosting platform, you’re hurting their business.  As a result, their algorithms are built to suppress content that pushes their user-base away, and reward content that keeps users on their site.

So how do we avoid this?

The best solution to this problem is to upload your video directly to each platform.  By hosting the video directly on Facebook, you are keeping the viewer on the website, and Facebook rewards that by showing your video to more people.  It sees that your content is keeping people engaged, and wants to make sure that keeps happening.  This applies across the board to most social websites.  If you understand this, you can be strategic in your content uploads, which then drives more business to your company.

One exception to this rule is if a company owns multiple sites.  For example: Facebook owns Instagram.  Therefore, if you post a video link to Instagram on Facebook, Facebook doesn’t mind this, because even though the user is switching websites, those websites are owned by the same company, so Facebook isn’t losing money.

So next time you post content for your business, make sure to understand the platform you’re posting on, so your content has the best chance of making an impact.

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