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Video Marketing Tips – Ep8 – Video Length

Dec 13th, 2019 • andy@morkproductions.com

Another Friday, another quick tip!  In this video I’d like to talk about video Length.

One of the most common questions I get asked from people is ‘how long should our video be?’  While there are number of factors, here’s how I respond.  When I start talking, I’m not thinking ‘this needs to be a 20second sentence”, but instead, I’m going to stop talking when my point has come across.  In the same way, a video should only be as long as it needs to be to communicate its message.  I’ve watched a 10 minute video that felt very short.  I’ve also watched a 30 second ad that felt long. The difference is that the 10 minute video communicated 10 minutes worth of content, while the 30 second ad didn’t.

Bottom line.  Content is a primary factor in deciding how long a video should be.

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