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Video Marketing Tips – Ep11 – Backgrounds

Jan 5th, 2020 • andy@morkproductions.com

Another Friday, another quick tip! This week’s subject: backgrounds

Everything you show your audience in a video communicates something. What you wear, what you say, the b-roll footage, it all should serve a purpose. Therefore, you should be intentional with what is in the background when you’re talking on camera.

In these videos, we use a blank background so there’s no distraction from our content. However, when we interview clients for their videos, often times we’ll pick a location that helps give context for the viewer. For example, if you’re a coffeehouse, you should maybe have something coffee related in the background to set the stage. In any case, make sure that the background isn’t a distraction or wasted space, but instead use it to your advantage.

Bottom line: Be intentional about your surroundings when recording a video, because it can help give your audience additional context.

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