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Video Marketing Tips – Ep12 – Platforms

Jan 13th, 2020 • andy@morkproductions.com

Another Friday, another quick tip!  This week’s topic: platforms

There are so many places where your videos can live.  Facebook, your website, LinkedIn, on stage at a conference, the possibilities are endless.  Knowing where your video will live is important information to know how your video should capture your audience’s attention.

If someone is on your website, they’re already actively seeking out your organization, so they’re more likely to watch a longer video.  However, if someone is scrolling through Facebook or LinkedIn, you only have a brief moment to capture their attention, and so it better be engaging and to the point.  On top of that, they’re most likely going to have the video on mute at first, so you need to be visually interesting. In these videos, we use headers and footers on social media so people can immediately see what the subject is.

Bottom line:  When creating video, keep in mind what platform it will sit on, and let that shape how you communicate your content.

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