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Video Marketing Tips – Ep14 – Cell Phones

Jan 27th, 2020 • andy@morkproductions.com

Another Friday, another quick tip!  This week’s topic: Cell phones.

When people think of quality video, they often think of big production cameras, complicated setups, and tens of thousands of dollars.  However, technology has been advancing incredibly rapidly, and getting a good image is as easy as pulling out your smart phone.

The cameras in modern day cell phones have been incredibly optimized for quality photo and video.  Many of them will record in super slo motion, shoot in 4k, and have internal stabilization for smooth shots.  Make no mistake; the phone in your pocket is a powerhouse, and can record some phenomenal content for your business in a pinch.  

Bottom line:  Cameras on cell phones have greatly improved over the past two decades, and are a great tool in capturing quality content for your company

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