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Video Marketing Tips – Ep16 – Body Language

Mar 2nd, 2020 • andy@morkproductions.com

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where their body didn’t match their words?  They insist they’re engaged with what you’re saying, but their actions say otherwise. On their phone, not giving good eye contact; they aren’t enjoyable to be around.

When communicating on video, it’s important to have your body language match the energy  of the message you’re trying to convey. For example, if I slouch while recording these videos, it comes across as lazy and uninteresting.  On the other hand, if I have good posture and use hand gestures, it shows I’m passionate about my industry, even if I had a long day and really just want to go take a nap.

Here’s a secret: I’m really tired right now

Here’s the bottom line.  Make sure your body language matches the message you’re trying to communicate, otherwise it might work against you.

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