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Video Marketing Tips – Ep17 – Planning

Mar 2nd, 2020 • andy@morkproductions.com

In this video I’d like to talk about planning.

When producing content for your company, it’s important to plan ahead.  Much like when you read a book, each chapter builds into the next, telling one cohesive story.  In the same way, your videos, blog posts, and other marketing pieces should tell one cohesive story of your brand.

Confession time.  I recorded this video several weeks ago.  As you’re watching this, I’m currently in Disney World on vacation with my wife.  Trust me, we’re having a blast.

Because I knew that I’d be busy during this week, I planned our content out ahead of time to fill the space when I was busy, so we stayed consistent and in front of our target audience.

Here’s the bottom line.  Planning your content ahead of time can help tell a more cohesive story for your brand, along with giving you marketing pieces to post when you’re busy.

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