Video Marketing Tips – Ep2 – Clarity

Nov 27th, 2019 • andy@morkproductions.com
Another Friday, another quick tip!  This week’s topic: Clarity Anytime you’re communicating, whether it’s through conversation, written word, or a video, it’s a transmission of ideas or concepts.  Therefore, it’s important to be clear with your message.  A lot of times, people can get super passionate about their field of work, and start using overly-complicated … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep1 – Purpose

Nov 27th, 2019 • andy@morkproductions.com
Time to put our money where our mouth is! We are starting up a new series to help educate people on video marketing.  Every Friday, there will be a short segment covering a variety of topics related to producing video for your company or organization.  Our goal is to help people understand when video can … more »