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Video Marketing Tips – Ep17 – Planning

In this video I’d like to talk about planning. When producing content for your company, it’s important to plan ahead.  Much like when you read a book, each chapter builds into the next, telling one cohesive story.  In the same way, your videos, blog posts, and other marketing pieces should tell one cohesive story of … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep16 – Body Language

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where their body didn’t match their words?  They insist they’re engaged with what you’re saying, but their actions say otherwise. On their phone, not giving good eye contact; they aren’t enjoyable to be around. When communicating on video, it’s important to have your body language match the … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep15 – Clothing

What you wear can say a lot about your company.  It’s a major part of your first impression, both in person and on video. If you haven’t already noticed, I wear the same shirt every single friday tip video for consistency.  I promise I’ve washed it. The goal is to get people familiar with the … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep14 – Cell Phones

Another Friday, another quick tip!  This week’s topic: Cell phones. When people think of quality video, they often think of big production cameras, complicated setups, and tens of thousands of dollars.  However, technology has been advancing incredibly rapidly, and getting a good image is as easy as pulling out your smart phone. The cameras in … more »