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Video Marketing Tips – Ep5 – Drones

Another Friday, another quick tip! This week’s topic: Drones Lately it seems that having drone video for your business is the best thing to do.  It’s a cool new tech that’s easy to get into, but is it really helping?  As we’ve talked about before, every aspect of a video needs to have a purpose … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep4 – Messaging

Another Friday, another quick tip! This week’s topic: Messaging Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person wont shut up?  They transition from topic to topic without any sign of stopping, and you just want them to go away.  In the same way, videos need to stick to the main message.  If … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep3 – Consistency

Another Friday, another quick tip! This week’s topic: Consistency A lot of times, when people invest money into video for their business, they think it will solve all their marketing issues.  “we had a video made, doesn’t that mean our sales should skyrocket?” Not necessarily.  While having a video is helpful, it’s important to keep … more »

Video Marketing Tips – Ep2 – Clarity

Another Friday, another quick tip!  This week’s topic: Clarity Anytime you’re communicating, whether it’s through conversation, written word, or a video, it’s a transmission of ideas or concepts.  Therefore, it’s important to be clear with your message.  A lot of times, people can get super passionate about their field of work, and start using overly-complicated … more »